Olifant Radza valt in greppel

Not for commercial use. October 30 2011, Emmen Zoo elephant Radza was pushed in a trench by a female during a feeding presentation. Zookeepers were throwing bags of food just before the presentation. When the herd gathered close to a surrounding trench, a female elephant pushed into the group. Bull elephant Radza, standing closest to the trench, lost his balance and fell in. One of his tusks snapped during the fall, hitting a female visitor in the head. She was lightly wounded. The Zoo in Emmen was evacuated and zookeepers tried to get Radza out of the trench all evening without succes. During the next morning, Radza was able to walk out of the trench. In 2009 a female elephant fell in in the trench. She was put down due to severe injuries. After the 2009 incident, the trench was filled up with sand.